My name is Olivia. I'm a front-end developer in Paris with 4+ years of experience working primarily on B2B products.


My tech stack

  • React and other libraries in its ecosystem (e.g. Redux and Redux Toolkit)
  • Typescript
  • Jest, React Testing Library and Cypress for testing
  • CSS, SASS and CSS-in-JS solutions like Emotion and Styled Components
  • xstate and @xstate/react

Learning, always

I'm a self-taught developer. What I love about being a developer is that we can learn something new every day (even a tiny detail). In 2016, I wrote my first few lines of HTML, and it was the start of an incredible journey.

Things I currently love learning about:

  • Web accessibility (semantic HTML, adopting an accessibility first approach, understanding the WCAG)
  • Type systems (exploring this topic with Typescript)
  • State machines